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family flash cards People Flash Cards
Family Flash Cards
Family Flash Cards Word List: aunt, bride, brother, child, children, cousin, dad, daughter, family, father, grandpa, grandchild, grandchildren, granddaughter, grandfather, grandma, grandmother, grandparent, grandson, granny, groom, husband, mom, mother, nephew, niece, parent, relatives, sibling, sister, son, spouse, triplets, twins, uncle, wife

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Information: Family Flash Cards. People Flash Cards.

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body parts flash cards People Flash Cards
Body Parts Flash Cards
Body Parts Flash Cards Word List: Feet, Eyebrow, Elbow, Thumb, Ear, Stomach, Lips, Hair, Teeth, Mustache, Nose, Finger, Cheek, Chin, Eye, Beard, Eyelash, Knee, Armpit, Hands, Back, Belly, Chest, Arm, Tongue, Toes, Bottom, Hip, Leg, Mouth, Neck, Head, Shoulders, Eyes, Fingernail.

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Information: Body Parts Flash Cards. Parts of the Body Flash Cards. Body Flashcards.

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artist flash cards People Flash Cards
Artist Flash Cards – Painters
Artist Flash Cards List of Painters: Sandro Botticelli – The Birth of Venus, Mary Cassatt – Breakfast in Bed, Paul Cezanne – Still Life with a Curtain, Salvador Dali – The Persistance of Memory, Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa, Jan van Eyck – Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife, Paul Gauguin – The Yellow Christ, Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night, Keith Haring – Mother Holding Baby, Frida Kahlo – Las Dos Fridas, Wassily Kandinsky – Farbstudie Quadrate, Gustav Klimt – The Kiss, Roy Lichtenstein – Girl With Hair Ribbon, Henri Matisse – Open Window, Collioure, Claude Monet – Poppies, Edvard Munch – The Scream, Georgia O'Keeffe – Red Cannas, Pablo Picasso – Three Musicians, Jackson Pollock – Convergence, Pierre Auguste Renoire – The Luncheon of the Boating Party, Rembrandt van Rijn – Storm on the Sea of Galilee, Diego Rivera – The Flower Seller, Mark Rothko – Violet, Green and Red, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec – Moulin Rouge, Andy Warhol – Campbell's Soup 1.

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Information: Famous Artist Flash Cards. Shows picture of artwork, artist name, name of artwork, and date the painting was created.
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career flash cards People Flash Cards
Career Flash Cards

Career Flash Cards Word List: Actor, Soldier, Artist, Baker, Dancer, Doctor, Firefighter, Custodian, Magician, Scientist, Teacher, Police Officer, Waitress, Business Woman, Lawyer, Postal Worker, Banker, Cashier, Chef, Computer Programmer, Accountant, Mechanic, Astronaut, Hair Dresser, Carpenter, Architect, Beekeeper, Judge, Pilot, Photographer, Veterinarian, Singer, Farmer.

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Information: Career Flash Cards. Careers Flash Cards. Jobs Flash Cards.

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